Tyre safety. Consumer Protection.
Saving lives.

Part Worn Africa is a consumer and tyre safety advocacy initiative, dedicated to improving regulated standards and specifications for part-worn and second-hand tyres on the African continent. Thereby promoting and advancing consumer protection, product and road safety, responsible trade and environmental management of part-worn and second-hand tyres.

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What We Do

Consumer Protection

Well educated consumers are well protected ...

Product Safety

Compulsory processes, standards and specifications for testing ...

Responsible Trade

Eradicate illicit trade, unfair competition & irresponsible business practices...

Environmental Management

Regulated tyre waste management...

Who We Are

Discover Our Stakeholders

Part Worn Africa seeks to advocate, mobilise, collaborate and cooperate with a multiplicity of critical stakeholders in the public,  private and civil society level, in order to achieve our objective.

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Tyre Safety

Tyres wear at different rates. You should rotate your tyres every 10000km.
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