Part Worn Africa is a pan-African advocacy initiative, dedicated to improving and promoting consumer protection, product safety, responsible trade and environmental management of part-worn and second-hand passenger tyres.


We work to progressively strengthen, effectively implement and maintain enhanced public policy, legislative and regulatory provisions, compulsory and technical standards and specifications governing part-worn and second-hand passenger tyres.


We are focused on key markets and jurisdictions on the African continent confronted with the risk of exposure to the proliferation in unsafe, ill-suited, illegal, illicit and dangerous part-worn and second-hand passenger tyres.


Our activities and initiatives aim to build, implement and sustain localised national agendas and action plans, as well as cross-regional cooperation and integration between national champions and regional actors.

Who We Are


Part Worn Africa fulfils its purpose by developing, implementing and managing projects, programmes and activities through 3 mutually supportive modus operandi:

Awareness Raising
Evidence-based Research and Analysis
Policy-law and Regulatory Advocacy
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Focus Areas

Our advocacy, research and awareness-raising activities aim to achieve comprehensive, sustainable and implementable solutions which effectively address 7 Key Thematic Focus Areas:

Consumer protection and product safety

Vehicle, Road and Mobility Safety

Importation, Trade and Illicit Flows

Human Health Risks

Standards, Testing and Technical Infrastructure

Tyre Waste and Environmental Management

Fair Competition and Economic Opportunities